The Mission of VETGardens

VETGardens is an organization dedicated to the assistance of Veteran brothers and sisters who are interested in the healing properties of Cannabis. Starting with its founding in 2022, VETGardens has made it their 1st priority to help first-time Veteran growers with supplies, tips, loving communities, and so much more. 


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Photograph taken and edited by Heather Huey. 

Crystal Bates-Chappell

Founder of VETGardens EST. 2022

The mission I set forth was to find purpose and balance, which took me on a journey through paradise's healing gardens.

  After my time in the Navy, I was dysfunctional and without direction. This nature lead me to make some poor decisions, but there was one decision that saved me. My decision to choose cannabis as a means of healing both mentally and physically. Now, my garden brings purpose and joy which greatly improves my quality of life. As I turn a new leaf in my life, my passion and purpose has grown as well. Now, my main goal is to assist those who were in need like me. Particularly, I want to show them the light and joy cannabis has brought into my life, throughout the plant's lifecycle.  

Jake Williams 

Co-Founder of VETGardens EST. 2022

 The mission I set forth is one of self-discovery in a world of kindness with my VETCommunity.

My name is Jake Williams and I’m from Lahaina, Maui. I served 15 years in the US Army with Combat Tours worldwide including; Iraq, the Asia Pacific, Cuba, and South America. I medically Retired in 2021 as a Parachute Malfunction and a bad landing gave me my 5th and final Service related TBI. I immediately wanted to replace the numerous medications I was on with something natural that allowed me to be myself. I began studying cannabis at Learn Sativa University in Florida achieving my dispensary Management certification and quickly moved to The Cannabis University graduating with a Master Growers Certification. Feel free to reach out with whatever question you have and I’d be more than happy to talk with you and point you in the right direction.