Goose Wraps (VET)

Tobacco-Free Wraps

"We are a veteran-owned company who calls the Rio Grande Valley, home. We specialize in Organic Hand Rolled Tobacco-Free Blunt wraps derived from an organic palm leaf. We also have a love for martial arts and have some of the dopest Hemp BBJ gear out there. Our focus as a company is to create a more natural/healthier experience for our beloved customers and veterans."

If you have any problem smoking the more well-known tobacco wrap companies or are simply trying to ditch tobacco completely, then Goose Wraps are for you! These wraps are 100% tobacco-free, containing palm leaves, cob filters, and a super sticky, all-natural adhesive to hold it all together.

Discounts are available to Veterans. If you're a veteran, sign up for the Veteran Roll Call to be added to view the discount list.